On some days that I don’t feel like lugging my toolbox around, I use my compact Chefy Lite to put all my stuff in. This really comes in handy, especially for those duty days where I am needed in the kitchen. So here’s what I stuff in mine:

Because I designed it to be like a knife roll with handles, it can easily accommodate the essentials, plus a little of the extras. Right now I have a Henkel’s honer for easy knife sharpening, a 10″ Henkel’s Pro Chef’s knife (a 12″ is too big for my hands!), my trusty red Microplane for fine grating, my set of red Le Creuset silicon rubber scrapers, a large wire whisk, food tongs, a white rubber scraper, measuring spoons and a pastry brush. In the pocket, I have my mini-first aid kit containing my Garamycin and my Boots band-aids.

I also use this for vacations and picnics. But most of what I really like about this bag is the fact that it holds everything in AND gets a whole lot of compliments from everyone since it doesn’t look like something you would keep knives in (=usually the boring old toolbox or the generic canvass knife bag).

If you’re thinking of purchasing on of our knife bags, I have new designs up in our e-store at www.chefystore.com