Why oh why didn’t I get there earlier? I’ve been passing this place for a couple of months now (I live in San Juan – – the BEST place in Manila!) and so, on our way to a place in Gilmore, Mig and I decided to cut our trip short and have dinner at Balkan Express.

The first thing this tall European dude told us was that they were sort of still open (they’re open only till 10), and we didn’t want to hassle their service time and so we opted for take-out. It was too bad we got there at 9:50pm, I really wanted eat a lot of different things off their menu. And so we just went for take out. The place was small and pleasant, obviously, the owners are pretty hands on, with the lady manning the cashier and the guy welcoming and talking to guests.

Food didn’t take long at all and when it came to us in two styro boxes, mig and I salivated over the fantastic smell it dispersed into the car. What was that inside?! I tried to keep my hands off the box because I knew I was ready to open it an pick some food. Dang this better be really good because we spedhome to get our hands on our sandwiches!!! When we got home, we headed straight to the kitchen, got some drinks and sat down to eat.

We opened mine first — Pjeskavica.
According to the menu it was a grilled Serbian burger served with sauce. I bit into this wonderfully smelling burger and was delighted to find out that we now have another cravable place to eat burgers other than Charlie’s Burger (I mean Charlie’s is really great…but the patty lacks texture!). This patty had this fabulous texture. You know that feeling you get when you bite into an overstuffed sausage? It was actually crunchy! Well salted, the patty was like a sausage burger almost like ham, not quite sure what they put in it but the taste was like a really great sausage patty. There was a bit of sage I think and then rest was just wonderfully incomprehensible for me. The additional veggies inside gave the almost bordering on salty patty great balance of sour, sweet and onion-y. Yea the patty was really really juicy. This was something different, and I like it!

Then Mig’s Cavapici. According to the menu it was a grilled minced meat served on a burger bun. The minced meat tasted a little milder than the pjeskavica’s patty. But it was almost identical, the patty could’ve just been formed into little sausages. I guess this is the reason why the owner suggested something else for me instead of ordering the Pjeskavica, but it was fine since to me, that one was better than this one…not that this was bad at all.

In the end, after scarfing down all the lovely fries that came with the sandwich, Mig and I were stuffed…blissfully. We will come back to taste their other stuff soon! πŸ™‚