Dreaming of the “Luther Burger”

I know this may sound gross, but ever since I watched Adam Richman of Man vs. Food scarf down this incredibly heart clogging, brain damaging sandwich, did I begin to imagine how wonderful it could really taste!Ah, sweet and savory! It’s one of the best and most interesting flavor combinations around! Mostly, you’d find this kind of combo in Asian cooking.

The Luther burger, is simply a cheese burger that uses a Krispy Kreme Sugar Glazed donut instead of a regular burger bun. Can you see this greasy thing shining? But can you imagine eating it? I totally KNOW it’s delicious! I just wish Chicago was just a few hours away so I can try the REAL thing! But of course, since it’s not, I will have to improvise. This story does not end here. I WILL MAKE AND EAT THIS BURGER. Screw health consciousness for a day!


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  1. Charles Sanvictores

    This burger is two hundred calories, I’m just guessing. I believe that this burger will hit the burger joint in no time! I still love Cafe Ysabel’s Chef’s burger though!

  2. Nge baka two thousand calories!!! 200 calories is just a small plate of spaghetti noh hehe

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