Finally, something to get me out of the office and the puppy nanny I’ve become. Months after our last email, I finally met Mylene Cheung of Photokitchen (which is conveniently located sooo near the school!) or LivingRoom Photography Studios, for a test shoot…and finally our actual shoot. I instantly had a great feeling about Photokitchen, I think this a place where I can actually exercise creative vision with a studio that wants to achieve the “look” I want to develop for myself.

Photokitchen specializes in both food photography and production design. They get inspiration from one of my favorite food photog & blogger, Lara Ferroni, who has perpetuated this wonderful, shabby-chic french look. And they are actually younger than me which is great! The shoot was long but light, I totally loved working with Mye since we seem to have the same eye for stuff…even if the ham began to misbehave a little, which is something I expected since I felt so nice and comfy already, I just knew something was going to go wrong.

But alas, we have come up with great shots. Still, this won’t be out until maybe Christmas so I guess a blurred teaser would have to do for now. The shoot was fantastic, and I think the client was happy with the outcome! Hopefully their consumers will too. πŸ™‚

I blurred the product pictures by the way. You will just have to wait till December πŸ˜€