This is a place that reminds me of my grand-uncle. I absolutely love the ambiance and of course…the crepes!

Our post-light dinner become second dinner when we hit Cafe Breton. It always feels so cozy despite the number of people who come in and out of this place.It’s almost like being in a playhouse. And is a wonderful date and talk place.

This time, I decided to try their savory crepes. If you’ve been reading my previous crepe crazy blog…I usually order only one thing — butter and sugar crepe with a little cream. This time I wanted something rich…a real mouthful. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the Veal Sausage, Cheese, Tomato and Egg Crepe. Oh my, I kind of knew that the items in that thing was for breakfast…but since I hardly eat breakfast, I was ready for second dinner! This is the video of how it’s done!

The veal was your typical Bratwurst..white sausage. But the mix was just wonderful, whimsical…and transported me back to those times when I would have a mouthful of omelet with everything i liked inside — tomatoes, cheese…and more cheese!

The crepe almost looked like a box…like a parcel you’d drop off at the courier. I sliced down right in the middle, exposing the steamy layers of cheese, tomatoes and sausage…mmmm! The taste was fantastic, especially when the most prominent flavors were the cheese, and sausage and the tomato. There was salty, creamy, tangy, meaty and a truckload of gooey and chewy textures all at the same time. The crepe was delicious. You must have this….you must absolutely have this.

Then of course came Mig’s anything-with-chocolate crepe. Today it was mango and chocolate, called La Pinay. Made with our glorious Philippine mangoes and tons of chocolate syrup. This had a nice tangy-sweet-sour balance to it.

And of course, my favorite, the butter, sugar and fresh cream crepe. The right combination of creamy, sweet, buttery and salty…all in a properly soft and yet semi-toasted crepe. This was washed down with of course, peppermint tea. Old habits die hard and I’ve been eating this simple crepe this way for over 10 years.

The savory crepe was definitely a new dish I would definitely order again…yum! 🙂