Truffle Paste on Aria’s Pizza:

This one’s just a teeny post. But it’s something my dad likes to do when we go to Boracay. He always brings all sorts of ingredients to enhance our dining when we’re in the island. One of this year’s delights was a bottle of real black truffle paste from Italy. So where else would we head to for some Italian fare but to Aria! Yum!

We ordered Aria’s four cheese pizza aside to smother with this truffle paste. I also went all out by putting some on my pasta with mushroom.

This is a must-try for those who are pretty tired of the same old pizza. A good alternative would also be truffle oil.


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  1. Balducci serves pasta with truffle cream and sometimes with shaved truffles. Do you have any idea where can I buy some truffle oil? and how much per bottle?

  2. We buy ours at Italfood. I think it’s pretty expensive, be ready to shell out about P1,000 and up for a bottle. The french ones are usually very good since it’s nice and concentrated…a little goes a loooong way. 🙂

  3. i love aria too =)

  4. awesome pizzas!

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