Our CACS alumni Samson Ching, opened up a restaurant with his friends called Mandarin Sky. We were invited to this ultra-stuffing lauriat, but because we had maybe over 12 dishes, I think I’ll just write about the 2 best must-eats in this place instead of writing about each and every dish (sorry I’ve got maybe 10 other blogables pending). Mandarin Sky is in Banawe, a haven for chinese food…but for some reason, this was definitely not your typical lauriat:

Top 2 Mandarin Sky Must-Eats:

1. “Laway” Chicken – laway because the memory of eating it already makes my mouth water. The chicken came smothered in sauce and peanut toppings, it smelled of roasted peanut and sesame…it glistened in the light because the skin was nice and moist. This warm chicken dish had a deliciously rich peanut, sesame – chili sauce, which reminded me a bit of Vietnam. The chicken was properly steeped, the bone was still red and the chicken, you can tell, was steeped in Chinese wine along with other spices. The cucumber served along side it was exquisite. Just when you think you’ve had enough richness, you just pop in a cucumber and you’re ready to go for more.

2. Sweet Chili Prawns (I’m not sure if this is the name!) – This was fantastic. The prawns were wild prawns, which are usually red even before cooking. It was plum and the way it was cut gave a popping sensation in your mouth. The sauce was a sticky, sweet chili, with a hint of pineapple bits crushed into the sauce, so you’re not quite sure where the tang is coming from but it’s there.

I’ve been to a helluva-lot of Chinese restaurants, and there are always surprises. These dishes take the trophy during this dinner. I am still dreaming about them chicken & prawns. Yum!

More pics below.