Being a regular at SM hypermarket, I decided to check out their new branch in south super highway. This place was way smaller than the hypermarket in pasig but I still hoped I would find sone good stuff despite the size.

The nice thing about hypermarket is that they have these frozen goods that are sold by weight. For now they have various froZen potatoes and various kinds of seafood balls. My brother and I are loyal followers of the “shiitake ball” which is basically a fish ball with chopped shiitake mushrooms inside. When I took a look at the seafood ball section there were new things that caught my eye. So I went home and fried them and delighted at my new found party snacks(which we deep fried till golden brown) :

Crab Roe Ball – this one resembles a large kiss chocolate, only it’s white and has specs of vegetables on it. This “ball” when sliced has an orange center that looks like a neon version of crab roe. When you taste the center, it’s a lot like fish eggs and scrambled egg only this one has that crabstick flavor, slightly smokey with a sharper seafood essence.

Sea Urchin Ball – this beautiful ball resembled a farley’s peppermint candy only the red stripes are yellow. This large ball resembles a colorful hockey puck. When sliced, the insides look like a bright yellow sea urchin, but it has the texture of fish eggs (it’s like scrambled eggs with fish eggs mixed together). I don’t think it really tasted like sea urchin though the creaminess was there. But this ones’ still a winner simply because it has such an interesting stuffing and still a whole lot of meat.

Fish Cheese Ball – this is basically a fishball with cheese inside. And yes real cheese (no white sauce or a cheesy white sauce). When sliced, the cheese flowed beautifully like mozzarella, but had the sharpness of harder cheeses. Such an odd combination but this one is guaranteed to be interesting and delicious.

These are perfect for those impromptu gatherings where beer is involved or even kids would enjoy this becAuse it has that interesting stuffing inside.At about P38 per 100 grams, it’s very easy to cook. I think snacks like these would be a simple conversation piece for those who enjoy food.