Biscotti is the Four Seasons Hotel’s Italian outlet.When you enter, it’s like being in one of these modern tapas bars in Barcelona, where everyone must seriously be a bunch of connoisseurs. Dark wood, dim lights, stainless steel open kitchen. I quickly walked to the counter to admire the shining kitchen, where the chef, was just about to give his final orders for tonight’s meal.

Our host was Ms. Annie, a Filipino who settled in Thailand. She is now one of the PR heads of the Four Seasons (yes, she is proudly Filipino!), she proudly introduced the chef Danillo Aiassa, who was all smiles ready to give us a good meal. Ms. Annie told us that when they took the new chef in, he couldn’t speak a word of English or Thai, so he needed to take lessons. He’s the type who goes around tables, says hello to guests when he’s not so busy in his kitchen. It was a night of lots of laughs and good food on the table. But of course, I would only talk about the food 😉

The line-up:

Pumpkin shot with tomato on toast – amuse bouche. This was something that reminded me of Cafe Ysabel, and the way these little plates of food would be served to unsuspecting guests at dinner time, accompanied with a student who will explain the dish. For Biscotti, no one was there to explain, but the pumpkin shot was chilled, beautifully spiced that it went well with the tartness and sweetness of the tomato on the toast.

Bread with baked garlic – homemade from their wood fired oven. Artisan taste, but nothing out of the ordinary, or maybe I’ve just gotten too used to dad’s oven back home.

Carpaccio Beef with Nameko mushrooms and rocket leaves – Very fresh beef. The ingredients are perfectly fresh. Simple concept, clean flavors. How can you go wrong with something so fresh and honest.

Soft shell crab salad with green salad leaves, potatoes fennel and herb dressing – Again, the fresh ingredients took over the dish. The salad was perfect, and the soft shell crab’s delicate flavor was the “icing on the cake”…a very exotic “icing”.

Famous foccaccia  – Crisp on the outside and oozing inside with patted with corn flour maybe because of the crisp textured outside. The cheese is upfront with the cream sauce. It kind of makes you wonder how he achieved this texture, it almost has little bumps on the crust similar to polenta…maybe it is, maybe it’s not, but it was crisp and “poppity”…if there is such a word. This one I will probably dream about in a couple of months!

All their pastas are homemade so we tried the:

Cavatelli with porcini mushrooms cherry tomatoes mascarpone and basil – smelled heavenly. Tartness and sweetness from the tomato and basil. Touch of cheese. The shape of the pasta looks like a thin coffee bean, it’s actually something I’ve never had before.

Risotto with toasted onion cream – delicious, sweet and flowery taste of caramelized onion and the stinky complexity of the cheese used. hahaha stinky complexity!

Calzone eggplant taleggio cheese and san daniele ham – smokey, crisp and sharp with the taleggio cheese.

And the most unforgettable thing I’ve had that I will probably crave by February:

Gianduja tortino – warm gianduja chocolate tart with hazelnut crisps, pistachio foam, Tonka bean ice cream

Absolutely delicious. There is a chocolate fairy and I think I ate him. There was a very robust chocolate taste with hazelnut. Silky with the in-your-face flavor, don’t you love it? The mousse is very, very rich and contrasts with the light tonka bean ice cream. Can be eaten with or without the foam. I don’t normally eat desserts but I could see myself finishing a plate of this! It has all the components of what a delicious individual dessert should be – warm cold crunchy soft chewy light saucy dry…I was too full for seconds, but I wished I could’ve eaten more.

I’m attaching the gallery down here for your eye’s enjoyment.