This was a lovely present for Christmas! Before I left I was able to finish a food styling job for the Reyes Barbeque group which is their newest stall called Reyes Goto. Meeting Mr. Frank Reyes was truly interesting because I didn’t know that he was actually a descendant of the founders of Aristocrat and he told me all about how his great grandmother began her culinary empire and how he was inspired by nostalgic Filipino family recipes to create the ultimate goto place that’s clean and within reach.

I used to only take offals in tiny amounts since I didn’t really appreciate it much until I tasted this goto. But that’s another story. Going back, Frank Reyes and his wife Inez made their empire, Reyes Barbeque grow within a few years of its establishment. I’m telling you, these clients knew what they want. Sir Frank was constantly coming up with ideas, and Ms. Inez was the greatest executioner.

The photographer for that day was Omar..and boy did we have a baptism of fire considering we had about 15 layouts to do in one day. With the ingredients and my assistants late, I had to do triple time. The eggs went first since they were the most delicate items that were needed for most of the shots. The most challenging items in this shoot was the fact that Sir Frank wanted to show the fat coming through the intestines in the Goto..which is not usually appetizing to any eye, but we got through.

The shoot was pretty quick, and Omar and I quickly established a good working rapport so that made everything much easier. We were eating all day, and working all day. I had my second wave after exhaustion at around 6pm, and we finished at 8! Wouldn’t have done it without the skillful and watchful R&D team of Reyes Barbeque and the comments of the ad agency. Didn’t think this long shoot would finish early with great results. 🙂