Do you know what happens in an SM hypermart opening? I didn’t…but I’m glad I had my credit card and a stall that got me invited into one!

How many times does this happen to a non-SM employee? Maybe once, twice, five times?

Well, because we were also opening a stall at SM Hypermart Fairview (Chef Gino’s Gourmet), I made sure I supervised our opening even if SM fairview seems like lightyears from San Juan. And boy was I shocked. First off, the fresh section, was so fabulous, I swear I could start to compare it to Big C in Thailand!

The setups were flowing with products…vegetables…meats…seafood…OH THE SEAFOOD! There were fishes on the display that were wider than I was! There were live lobsters bigger bigger than jack russel terriers…There were Live Black Tip Sharks for Sale! There were manta rays and sharks on the fresh display…there was a huge swordfish on a stand!

Then there were the discounted items…and entire row just for discounted items!!! Even executives lined up in that area to hopefully get the first shot before the items get finished! Sacks of rice, giant bottles of soda, ketchup, olive oil, vitamins, shampoo, diapers, baby wipes, soft drinks, TVs, cameras, electric fans, vegetables, seafood, all sorts of items!

My cart wasn’t such a mess, because of my leisurely walk around the supermarket (unlike everyone else who practically ran to the sale areas)… but it had 4 giant bottles of shampoo (buy 1 take 1), 2 large tubes of toothpaste, 1 8-megapixel camera (which i only got for 4,999 and it takes good pics!), 2 electric fans (I was going to “give” one to my dog), about 4 kilos of grapes (for cafe), 2 giant packs of baby wipes, 1 black denim jacket (mega steal at P150 and didn’t look it at all), 2 giant bottles of baby vitamins (for my pup salsa), 2 bottles of olive oil (buy 1 take 1)…but I still went around to look at the fabulous fishes and was wondering what I would do if i bought the shark being sold there (and yes, they had lobsters bigger than jack russel terriers)…glad to have my credit card with me, because I wasn’t really expecting to get anything considering that I go to hypermart almost 2x a week.

There were cocktails in the other side of the supermarket…and FREE means a huge crowd of people. And man, the crowd was so huge…that the only thing i felt like taking was the free milo since everyone was busy lining up on the bigger free stuff in the area (like free coffee, free cans of soda, free buffet!, free lechon…), I decided to just stick around my store and take pictures of the supermarket.

This was definitely a VIP experience.

I’m posting my other pics of the place for everyone’s enjoyment.