A Day with Bobby Chinn

me and chef

There is something weird about this month, we’ve been having international food icons dine at Cafe Ysabel! Our house restoration must’ve opened up some sort of magnet and I’m just loving it. Last Tuesday, World Cafe Asia’s host, Chef Bobby Chinn came over to Cafe Ysabel to film, eat and have a few crazy drinks with the students and chefs (he also came over the night before). Yes, Chef Bobby Chinn is also in Manila, and I think he’s having a book signing on Friday.

students having their books signed haha

A very exciting and work-filled day, a horde of students came over with their books and crisp whites just in case they would be filmed for the show. Chef Bobby and his crew came over, ate lunch and set things up for the shoot. I on the other hand, needed to do some advanced prep for some fake ice cream I was going to be shooting for GMA the next day.

before shooting

The students hung out in Cafe Ysabel’s facade as Dad and Bobby talked about what they were going to do. I was watching from the small kitchen, and a bunch of guests and students were just watching and walking around. The director, was very happy to include our students in the film as long as they acted normally haha!

in cafe ysabel

Anyway, so after a few cooking scenes together, the crew went up to film in the restaurant. So the chefs and I hurriedly setup and brought out some dishes for Chef Bobby to sample. The shoot was pretty much over within 30 minutes.

chef bobby with vince and the fish chef bobby chillin' with the students and chefs

After eating with the crew, Chef Bobby decided to hang out with the students who were having some drinks in Cafe.

the rabbit look grandma, what big teeth you have

He actually has a fake denture with teeth as big as a horse’s in his pocket for emergency purposes…haha!


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  1. good to know cafΓ© ysabel remains a destination to this day. ages since i visited last but will again next month on a much delayed trip home. sooo cool anthony B & bobby C cooked & ate in your kitchen. mest to your daddy!

    mike gonzalez – primo

  2. giannina

    you should, we’ve been doing restoration work on the old house πŸ™‚

  3. Love him !

  4. though it was a little overlate, yes i watched travel and living the other night and i was so happy to see bobby chinn in manila. πŸ˜‰ only to found out that the said segment was taped 2years ago.

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