Finals Day @ the Food Styling Program

I think yesterday was harder, but it was nice seeing how more relaxed and comfortable my students were compared to the first day.

cathy and tess prepping karina sticking oats sabs working the sandwich

Since today was finals day, we all decided to stay in and have a “potluck” lunch. Tricia gave the class these wonderful aprons with lotsa pockets so we can stuff our food styling stuff with us easily to the set. Yesterday, Tess gave us these colorful aprons too and Karina made a class directory…Yes, everyone got along fine. πŸ™‚

giselle and adoree fixin pastakarina and sabs working on the sandwich

We were also very excited about working with the photographer today, this would make the shots even better compared to my simple lightbox set-up. Raffy Zulueta and Dolly Dy of Flavors magazine were up to the task of shooting our food, which they did a wonderful job.

tricia watching her work

I present to you, the results of my students’ final projects! πŸ˜€

karina and sabs photo by raffy zuluetatricia photo by raffy zuluetagiselle and adoree photo by raffy zuluetatess and cathy photo by raffy zulueta

Overall the last day was fun and challenging, and was probably the most fulfilling day for the students since all they’ve learned, they got to apply. Raffy even took some fun shots for souvenirs.

photo by raffy zulueta photo by raffy zulueta photo by raffy zuluetaphoto by raffy zulueta

I really had a great time teaching my first pro class, and i hope everyone got to learn a lot and eventually develop their signature styles.

photo by raffy zulueta photo by raffy zulueta

photo by raffy zulueta

It was a great all-girls bonding and learning experience (hehe!). Thanks you guys! πŸ™‚


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  1. Adoree Chong Uy

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us, Giannina! I enjoyed the class very much. Miss the girls already, hehehe.

  2. giannina

    heheh the weekends went by so fast! :p

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