Getting Inspired @ the Professional Food Styling Program

It was a very exciting morning for our last Saturday together in class. Our class was graced by the presence of Mr. Eugene Raymundo, one of the most successful (despite being young) food stylists in the country. How lucky were we?!

eugene giving a talk to the students

In his talk, Eugene shared some of his secrets and his experiences as a professional food stylist. He also gave us a thorough overview about working as a food stylist, as well as how things go in most projects.

eugene and the class

Eugene was actually apprenticing under dad, for about 8 years when Cafe Ysabel moved to its current location in P. Guevarra. Over lunch, Eugene and I were able to talk about the memories he had cooking in the Cafe Ysabel kitchen, and how foodstyling is now connected to his cooking brain. After he went freelance, he made his first TV commercial, year 2000, which opened many many doors for him. It just made me realize that on going freelance, I just have to stick to my guns and constantly work on my craft! That was inspiring.

my students

That afternoon, my class made their individual styling projects. There were some bumps here and there, and some corrections and opinions posted, but overall I think they’ve gotten the idea. I’m really glad that for most of them, the individual styling project was a challenge, which honed their thinking and fixing skills. πŸ™‚

Here are their works:

giselle adoreecathytricia karinatess


I was envious so I worked on my ice cream again. :p

my ice cream again


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  1. where’s mine? haha!

  2. giannina

    oops! well now it’s here

  3. hi. your works are great. are you going to hold another workshop soon? can anyone join or you have certain requirements? thanks

  4. giannina

    yes, the batch for this year will be finishing this weekend. check out

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