I seem to be more efficient when I work under pressure. It’s been crunch-time the past several days and I’ve been doing a lot of gophering, design and worrying. Today I take time off my usual leisure ride at polo club to do some work in Cafe Ysabel…and eat lunch.


Smoked Bangus, 2 eggs, Garlic Rice and Atchara. The kitchen seemed to have gotten carried away with the portion, I think they gave me a whole bangus without the head and tail! I had to stop eating for a couple of minutes to allow some food to digest. It’s funny how I keep eating these “homecooked”-like meals. I think I’ve gotten tired of eating food from other regions, or maybe I just take our wider array of European selections for granted, whatever it is, I guess my Filipino heart can’t get enough of Filipino food. The fish was lightly coated in flour and gave it a wonderful crusting on the outside, an a perfectly cooked, piping hot fish meat on the inside. I like how this bangus is done, usually what people do at home is just marinate and cook the fish straight. This is a very welcome variation. It just goes to show that a little extra step on cooking is well appreciated by everyone…Unless of course that extra step, totally destroys the dish :p

My bosses (hehe my dad and bro) are coming home from their consultancy stint at Iloilo tomorrow and I’m pretty worried because it’s been 4 days since opening, and I still have Cafe Ysabel stickers all over the merchandise. I haven’t been able to contact the printer either…I think I’m going to be in big trouble if he doesn’t produce. Anyway, I just finished a flyer design to give out to our customers and our neighboring villages near Frontera Verde. I’m hoping this will give our new stall some extra attention.