A Brand New Day: Let’s Start with Brunch

I promised myself this year I would start my blog. And now it is coming to life. This is my first post people!

I new it was a different day. I guess Burrito (my Chihuahua) decided to wake me up extra early today so I got to work early. I actually craved for a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Orange Juice, but I was too lazy to drive by the place in my Pj’s. So I decided to get ready for work.

Today is a new day. I’m in a new seat in Cafe Ysabel (because some tambay is sitting on “my chair”). Today I decided to eat breakfast…hmm…brunch, it’s already 11:29am and I still consider it breakfast. I decided to order something different today, I want something with eggs, maybe fish, some vegetables. And what do you know, I found exactly what I wanted in the menu.


Smoked Salmon, Eggs Benedict and Spinach on top of an English Muffin.With a potato casserole, bacon and fried green apples on the side.


The eggs were topped with a slightly acidic dark hollandaise (i think browning the butter made it dark). The sidings like the bacon, potato casserole and the fried apples all gave one huge bite a play of crunchy and soft textures, and salty (from the bacon, which complemented the perfectly cooked egg), slightly sour (because of the apples which complemented the smoked salmon) and creamy (from the potato casserole, which complemented the spinach) tastes all in one. I felt like Remy in Ratatouille. Now i wonder how i can finish two of these…

I guess this is sometimes one of the perks of my job, I get to eat for free in a pretty classy restaurant everyday.

I’m stuffed! Time to work.


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  1. Bing-Bing

    Yum! I know what i’m ordering at Cafe Ysabel next time! Since the 1980’s, my default order has been Spaghetti Putanesca. (I used to have the hot rum toddy occasionally.)

  2. giannina

    hi tita bing-bing! how’s everything in thailand? nice to hear from you. πŸ™‚

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