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Cook-Out and Swimming at Mark’s Farm & San’s Shawarma in Subic.

Part of my summer road trips was when our chef Mark, invited us to go to his farm in Bataan. Mark’s farm is a private lot, he has…

Baguio: A Food Stylist’s Paradise

Upon seeing the great quality produce in Baguio, I decided to take some pictures of them. I still wish that produce in Baguio would be just as accessible…

From the Farmer’s Market: Pako or Edible Fern Salad

Basically part of dinner were the salads we made from the stuff we bought in farmers. I had a lady ask me in the stall of how I…

Farmer’s Market Afternoon Adventure

Despite the usual “it’s best to go to the market in the morning” idea, I decided to head out to farmer’s market in cubao, a little after lunch….

Quezon Adventure: Tayabas Basilica and Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

After our 2 nights in Pagbilao, we headed towards Tayabas, where our next hotel (Nawawalang Paraiso) was. After bringing our stuff to the room, we headed for St….