I am really happy to see that on my next visit for Sango, the Unagi Rice Burger I styled and shot for them was finally out. Basically, I gave the rice patties a short grill + enhancement of the grill stains. The unagi that was used was what people were going to be eating and the sauce is the unagi sauce. The nori was cut up into these tiny slivers and made it look a little alien, like an avante garde dress. It really is so interesting to see such a photo obsessed menu and it almost looks like a cute costume (or rather cosplay) party of sandwiches and food in Sango, I guess this is keeping up with everything as “Japanese” as possible in their store.

I always feel overwhelmed to see all the food just there and being blown up to giant proportions for people to admire and salivate over when I’m in Sango. These are things that make me proud to be in this business. And yes, I do think it tastes just as good as it looks, it’s usually the case for a resto like Sango…but I am still stuck in my trinity obsession of the Master Chili Cheese Burger, or the Yakiniku Kimuchi..or the Oyako Don… πŸ™‚