I finally got my hands on a gadget that I’ve been dreaming about for the past couple of months: The Cuisinart Smartstick Hand Blender with Food Processor attachment. I’ve been waiting for an immersion mixer that 1) isn’t housed in plastic and 2) has a good brand reputation for quality products. Although I was pretty much disappointed in the fact that the price tag in SM was lower that what I actually paid (The tag said 4990, but I paid 5400+), I was just too excited to finally get a piece since it was nowhere near our old black and decker which conked out when we were processing some garlic.

This came pretty handy in my recent beverage shoot that required some ice crushing and blending…yes, it took the ice pretty well but of course, as a precaution, I had the ice pre-hammered to smaller bits…I didn’t want to risk having a breakdown in the middle of the shoot.

Which brings me to the formula I’m currently testing for fake granita. I think it would take some good glass styling to make this look a lot like a smoothie, but it’s a start.