Sango’s New Japanese Hotdogs

Ah finally some 2011 works that are being published. I am very proud to show you my latest food styling & photography stint for Sango burger. In fact, this shoot was pretty interesting because the hotdogs look quite alien to me. But despite it’s ET-like theme, it had to be beautiful…and it had to be made of exactly what Sango serves to its customers (No cheating here!) and so I present to you the Terimayo and Okonomi hotdogs.

I was quite hesitant at first with this nori on the hotdog since it would cover everything up and make it dark. Layering and showcasing the different ingredients on the hotdog was key and a loose and yet abundant nori strips were carefully placed on top. I used my trusty photobox again for this shoot. The okonomi hotdog was the same. It had to convey a screaming okonomiyaki but it was supposed to be made into a hotdog. And so we went for the abundant look and I picked out really good pieces of the sauteed cabbage to put on the hotdog. So there I was with my little box with the lunch crowd already entering and getting a little curious about the shoot. I smiled and said, “It’s our new products”.

The best part about this shoot: lunch of course! I got myself my super favorite Master Chili Burger with Cheese — the onions may look on the full side but that’s what makes it xxxtra good!


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  1. This looks yummy! where’s this located?

  2. One in Shangrila and one in Rockwell πŸ™‚

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