I never really appreciated coffee…I’ve travelled all over and never really stopped to sip a cup in Paris, Venice or any of those European countries (because I always chose gelato over coffee!). But this came to a screeching halt when I first went to Vietnam 2 years ago…and I was hooked. I even learned how to make it at home.

But since it was Mig’s 1st time in Vietnam…he just had to try this. This was what opened my eyes to the world of coffee…this is exactly what a really great beverage tastes to me. This old place used to be called Trung Nguyen…and it was so old and shabby…but 2 years after, it has some nice al fresco seats….even if the inside was still old and shabby. It’s just about 200 meters from the Benh Thanh Market.

The nice thing about this coffee is that it is worth the wait. The coffee drips so freshly in front of you in this little personal brewing cup.

After that, mix the drippings in the condensed milk, …and then the little cafe au lait will now be poured into the ice filled glass and will be stirred vigorously.

I think the water in the ice lets out a creamier and rounder taste of the coffee. I’ve tried this several times at home and the best method, by far, is boiling the coffee grounds and water in a saucepan, transferring the contents into that small brewing cup and waiting. Of course, you have to use the Trung Nguyen coffee ground or you wont get that chocolatey taste. This coffee is so rich in oils and aroma that it already has a natural dark chocolate flavor…mmm delightful!

Mig and I decided to have a Ban Mi too and it was a perfect pair!