In Pursuit of Change

There really is an entirely different reason why I am leaving for Australia. I am basically in pursuit of change.

There are many things I can’t change here now. But for the things that I can…I gladly will, for the better.

So I am saying goodbye to my old room — the water damaged ceiling…the crispy damaged walls…the cracks on my floor. The monsters under my bed. The rest of the monsters outside my bed.

When I come back things will be radically different. I will be coming home to a great new room with the greenest walls. Clean ceilings. Better space for my stuff. A better space to sleep in and maybe read.

I spent the past week cleaning out my room. Throwing things that no longer mean anything. Keeping things that do. Remembering everything that led to today, and wondering whatever happened what I was dreaming about before. So this the eulogy of my old room. Thanks for the days spent…but it’s time to shake you up to make things better.


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  1. Good luck Giann 🙂

  2. Ella Sanvictores

    Greatest memories of your room: playing with Gino there when we were kids as you sleep. Seeing pictures of us together in your photo frames. Bye Strawberry Shortcake! 🙂

  3. Hahaha yeah! Bye Strawberry Shortcake! I don’t even think kids of today know her!!!

  4. @Lades thanks sweetie! 😀

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