Fleur de Lys – Yes the sure-fire dessert place I was talking about in QC!

I miss my granduncle who was a huge fan of food. In LaSalle, he was notorious for eating. Bless his soul! Anyway, when I was young, he used to delight in taking me to this place, Fleur de Lys, when we still had the old house in the Scouts area. I would always have tea and a cake…a To Die For Cake!

And now that I’m all grown up, I take the BF here and he seems to love it just as much! After all the squirming and “Ayoko na kumain” i heard from him…when the cake came to our table, he took a large chunk off it!!!

Yes, a cake with a really good ganache (for all y’all non-culinary kiddies, ganache is a beautiful mix of chocolate and cream!!! More chocolate than cream) and you could really taste the dark chocolate that was so smooth and warm at the same time. The caramel top dripped into the chunk I was trying to spoon off and the pretty caramel turned into a mini-waterfall into the delicious and moist ganache center…YUM!!! I tried to use my camera’s video mode on it, unfortunately it was just too dark to record that delicious event.

I think it was worth the almost-vomit feeling after! Thank goodness their cakes are small and yet super rich! Just the perfect size for me! Yumyumyum!!!

Fleur de Lys is in the F.L.P Bldg. 305 Tomas Morato Ave., Q.C., beside Belo Medical Clinic.


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  1. oh my… that looks so yummy nga!! *crave*

  2. Giannnnnn, take me here when I’m back in Manila ok????

  3. Hahahah I’ll ask them to make you a bigger version of that cake! hehe

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