It does come with the job. I am proud to say that I pulled off my first photo-all nighter with a smile on my face (Thank God for that 2nd wind!). My first video was also an all-nighter but this was extra challenging considering that at first I thought it would be a relatively short shoot. But that’s the reason why you block off an entire day for this job. It’s times like these when you’re glad you took that extra dose of vitamin C that morning.

Kenny Rogers will be opening a few new branches this year and one of which will be their Newport branch near NAIA 3. I’m pretty happy that I was finally back from Thailand for this project since I’ve just been dying to get out of the office cubicle the past couple of weeks (and believe me, even if I love my office desk and I love my stuff, cubicle work is pretty bombarding after a while). And tada! a food styling project!

I was especially excited for this one since I was working with familiar people. I always find it a challenge to see how long I will take to get what the client wants, for this project, it was pretty difficult, although I managed to still keep smiling. I was just pretty amazed at Sir Francis, our photographer, who had just finished a car shoot that very morning at around 6am (and we started at 10am). All-in-all the final good take was taken at around 3am. Oh I do hope to get a copy of these pictures, because this shoot was a very special one!