Sukumvit soi 103 in the sidewalk of the Siam commercial bank has one of bangkok’s most famous tom yam khao.

Cheap at about 40 baht for a giant bowl. I’m not sure though if we ordered the right thing since the cutomer at our back was eating pink noodle soup (which I first encountered way back in 2006 at an LA Thai place called Sanam Luang). That pink color cones from a kind of catsup they mix with the noodles. I had a typical Tom yum rice noodle soup, I found it a bit lacking in the sour area compared to the one we had in big c. Dad had a Tom yum noodle with a hint of coconut milk. Both were sweetish and spicy. But apparently this place is known for this dish. It comes with a plate of fried fish skin which is pretty interesting considering that we’ve been in Bangkok yearly for years and we just encountered it now. Now I’m really starting to wonder about my benchmark for tom yum noodle because I don’t really appreciate this version’s sweetness much. Or maybe they had prepared it for us “farangs” (foreigners).

Well, just incase you’re in that neighborhood, try it. Since apparently it’s one of the best in Bangkok (maybe I just ordered the wrong thing.) :p