We’re in Chiangmai and we were in our friend’s house Woon and Wolfgang trying to make some Christmas Stollen. Woon told us about the procedure of how they make the coconut sugar from these special palm trees. One of the procedures were to boil down the already smoked juice from the coconut. without fermenting, they bottled the drink and sold it to the supermarket.

This pristine but thick drink was delightful, it would be something I could finish if I were a kid. It was very sweet but it included flavors that I didn’t think existed in your typical Buko juice. The delightful smoking can be detected in the juice… It was like eating caramel and butterscotch with vanilla in a drink.it has an extremely slight acidity detectable from the original coconut juice. Now I’m starting to wonder if this thing had flavorings etc considering there was no english translation on the label. Ah whatever it was a joy for me since I dread drinking coconut juice.

This was definitely a must try for those who love beverages. Or those who don’t really like buko juice… This will make you think again