Still dehydrated from my TVC shoot of 1 day before, I came to the studio (Foto Resources) again for the shoot of the 2 meals. I was more than happy to be back though, I really had a great time working with Sir Francis Rivera during our last job together. I think we have pretty much gotten used to each other’s timing and style.

Although I think everyone was very tired too from the shoot. I began to prep as soon as the RnD (Kuya Deo and Riza) got to the studio with the food. I was solo today without Ray since I figured it was only 2 layouts and he was already absent for work during our TVC day.

These two layouts were much easier than the past ones since I’ve gotten used to the overall look that the client wants to achieve because of the works we’ve done together the past weeks. I love the fact that the general direction is to not make something too stiff and perfect, and the freshness the sidings give to the overall look of the meal.

Even if rosemary and thyme chicken breast reminds me of Mig’s diet food, it just looks so delish in this picture because of the bright and vibrant colors of the herbs and veggies on the plate.

The BBQ looks like something you would serve to guests on an outdoor party. 🙂