Cafe Med…on the beach!

Yes, do you think there is anything special about this post? Everyone knows Cafe Mediterranean. But this dinner in particular seemed to transport me TO the Mediterranean (what I would give to go back)!

We were 3 feet from the calm waters in Boracay. What made it even better was that the water was clear, seaweed less, and had a light blue green tinge because of the full moon.

What’s nice about Cafe Med is that you can expect the same good quality they have in Manila. Food is tasty, I cannot exactly say its exceptional, but it is a good place to eat for a trojan fix. But what made it that way was the fact that the place was absolutely beautiful. With a nice waitress tending to our table (which happened to be all the way to the front end nearest to the shore), we were sippin’ wine given the place’s low corkage, having mezze, salad, pizza and lamb stew. Yum!

What I like best is that Cafe Med now uses pure whole wheat pitas (or is it just in bora). I know that the whole wheat hype is only maybe 30% better than the white pita, but I’m just appreciative of the tiny extra fiber that it brings to my stomach (even if i ate a truckload that it didn’t make much difference).

How much did we eat? A LOT. That’s because my dad brought along 2 bottles of wine and we told the waitress to lower our corkage. They gladly obliged once they saw what we ordered. It was so much, that we had pita and pizza for snacks the next day.


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  1. i liked the chicken gyro.. love their hot sauce too! 😀

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