Trip to the Ice Cream Parlor

After our food trippin’ at Izakaya Kikufuji last Friday. My brother, China, Mig and I headed over to rockwell to try out their FIC Ice Cream Parlor for dessert. I wished I saved more room. The ice creams all looked so good!

This wengue and cream place combines some fun and funk in their interiors and decor. The ice cream parlor actually looks like a modern italian coffee place like Segafredo. Well anyway, enough of the interiors.

Here are the selections we tried:

1. Yogurt with Cornflakes and berries – creaminess is okay, not totally totally creamy (creamy also means full of fat hehe). A guilt-less fix for those who want to be a party pooper in an ice cream parlor. Well, i admit, the yogurt was pretty good (no weird “off the grocery shelf” taste) but I was really here for the ice cream. I guess when you’re out with a date and you don’t want to look too voracious, yogurt would be good. And it is good. But I wasn’t in the mood for one. The fresh berries were a treat.

2. Banana Split. This split was a classic mix of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and nuts and cream and served with bananas. Great for sharing. Ice cream doesn’t taste too commercial too. 🙂

3. Caramel Banana. My brother enjoyed this one. It is much like a banana caramel pie with ice cream…only there’s lotsa ice cream and lotsa caramel. The crunch factor of nuts were interesting. Obviously, I’m going to rave about something else, but my bro finished his in an instant.

4. Brownie Brownie. Now this is my kind of dessert! It is not only an ice cream creation but a full dessert. It has large chunks of sticky thick brownies, and nuts, gooey chocolate sauce over a chocolate-y ice cream. Topped with cream. This is definitely for someone who wants a brownie fix, or an ultimate chocolate fix. I was so stuffed from dinner but I actually started thinking if they served this in a bigger size. Hehe. Well, this one is a definite must-try.

The verdict: Classy, cool ice cream. With all the diet fads these days, it is definitely a breather! Definitely a place to indulge and not care about the extra calories. YUM!


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  1. Joanna Francisco

    Hi Giannina,
    I came across your blog. Thanks for visiting us at The Ice Cream Bar. We’re currently collecting photos and posts about our place. Would it be ok if I get your pics/writeup? Do you have any more pics you’d like to share? Hope to hear from you.

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