Dad’s Lasallian Achievement Award

“Chef Gene Gonzalez”, that’s what dad opted to be called rather than his whole name like all the others. It was really cool to see dad stand out from all the awardees. One, he was the only one wearing a chefs uniform and two, he was the youngest among all the awardees. Last Friday, we all went to DLSU to be with dad when he received his award.

Well, it has been my dad’s obsesssion to put the Philippines in the gastronomic map of the world along with our more popular Asian neighbors…and why not, masarap naman talaga pagkain natin. Here are some pics.


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  1. nizza, spoon - net 25

    your dad is really a food genius and i personally admire him for his passion for food & his desire to put philippine cuisine in the world map. chef gino is also fun to watch in the kitchen. ang galing din niya!thank you to chefs gene & gino for their generosity to us.

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