Crab and Shrimp Boil Sunday


Wow! A crab and shrimp boil! πŸ™‚

Despite being semi-allergic to shrimps, I ate like they were the last shrimps on earth. Our crab and shrimp boil is one of my favorite sunday dinner themes. A few years ago, we had a crab and shrimp boil and i had to be rushed to the ER for a benadryl shot a day after because my body had an over-supply of histamines. So with the claritin at hand, I had no fear hehe.


Our shrimps were still jumping from the bowl before we boiled them. We get our live shrimps from SM Hypermart, where they have a nice aquarium filled with live, good-sized live shrimps (i hate peeling those tiny shrimps because you get cuts in your hand for morsels of flesh) ready to jump into the boiling water.



Dad also had a few live crabs for boiling. He prepared a special mix in the stock so the the flavors of these crustaceans will be enhanced. I love live seafood, they have a sweet taste compared to those frozen and dead ones you find in the supermarket.

sauces charlie-with-the-sauces


The table is lined with newspapers so we don’t have to worry about splatters on the table. A set of many little sauces are laid out, each with a different profile perfect for the shrimp or crab. Tonight, we had a choice of whisked lemon-butter, aioli, french butter, fish sauce and lime, lemons, mixed spicy vinegar and pomodorro.

For starters, we had a weird combination of some homemade kimchi, some rilletes of duck with crackers, and a foie gras pate from france. It was a weird combination but i had a few more of the foie gras on crackers…yum!

corn boiling

For sidings, we had some rustic fries, japanese sweet corn with french butter, egg and cauliflower salad and buttered snow peas.


The perfectly cooked shrimps and crabs were fantastic! Everyone had their fill and there was still more! They were sweet and went perfectly with whatever sauce you wanted. We used our hands and I put up my napkin like a bib to prevent those juices from splashing to my shirt.

Forgot to take pictures of dessert since I was so stuffed. We had almond jelly, and a box of Royce dark chocolates…YUM!


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  1. Wow! now I’m craving for crabs and shrimps! They’re one of my fave… sayang I missed this sunday dinner. Nice pics it makes me hungry πŸ™‚ Hope you can visit Davao next time with your Dad so you can take a good look and shots of Davao’s finest fruits, food, flowers, “ukay-ukay” and resorts πŸ™‚

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