New Hachin Grocery – Part 2: Ready Meals

As part 2 of this entry, I want to tell you about the two times I ate there (hahaha yeah, not once but twice within a month’s time)….


My favorite Japanese Grocery: New Hachin in Makati – Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve been to New Hachin Japanese Grocery in Makati. Though I went to the one in Cartimar a couple of months back to…


New Favorites at Mien San

I’ve already written an entry about Mien San before, but I think that these two dishes are just so noteworthy, I had to repeat it. Mien San today…


Luk Foo Hot Pot in Parañaque

It was Francis’ family that took me to Luk Foo and this has been their family’s favorite. I didn’t take much photos but what I love is that…


Genki Sushi at BGC

Because we always have a minor pickle with the staff at Ford, eating a good meal is always a must whenever we take the car to the service…


Wing Stop Greenhills

We recently ate in Wing Stop at Greenhills and was looking forward to their wings. I only have one wing place in mind that hasn’t been beaten so…


Mecha Uma with the Chaine des Rotisseurs Manila Chapter

Since I haven’t updated my blog in a very long time, I have missed writing about quite a lot of “food milestones” that is pretty much a shame….


Bonchon Billboard sighting

I am ecstatic to find out that my work with Jar Congcengco of Campfire Media are displayed as 5 billboards (different kinds) in our city’s busiest highway: EDSA!…