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A Night Trip to Balintawak Cloverleaf Market: Butchers

As I said, there were only 2 reasons for me to go to this market 1) really cheap veggies and 2) carabao meat. Yes folks…Carabao Meat. The dignified…

A Night Trip to Balintawak Cloverleaf Market: Vegetable Section

Finally, after a long time of just talking about it, I’ve finally found the time to go to the infamous Balintawak Market at night. My friend Sam, who…

Farmer’s Market Afternoon Adventure

Despite the usual “it’s best to go to the market in the morning” idea, I decided to head out to farmer’s market in cubao, a little after lunch….

Curious Goods in a Chiang Mai Fresh Market

Having gone to so many fresh markets in Asia, including the Philippines, I like taking pictures of the oddest or wonderful things they have in the fresh market….