Francis took me to Buddha Bar one night for an early dinner. It’s a funny thing to be there for dinner because I always thought Buddha Bar was just that…a bar. Still, I loved the idea of coming in early…no noise, just to admire the place, have some food and drinks maybe.


And yes, the place was grand. It was very dark for dinner, but I guess that’s because not that much people go there for dinner. There were a few tables occupied. The music was a bit upbeat and I admired the way everything reminded me of something a modern vampire would go to..

So on with the food…it was quite pricey and we felt like eating Japanese.

Rainbow Roll had a good fresh taste of fish. But I guess it’s nothing out of the ordinary.


Pink lady was pretty good. Still I guess I was really waiting for each kind of maki to dazzle me with interest but I don’t think this was it.


Crunchy rice salmon – Finally, something I would expect from an international brand…something new and interesting! This was a portion of deep fried rice (thus crunchy rice) on the outside, soft in the inside with spicy salmon on top. I loved the texture and the sweetish, spicy and creamy flavor. This was worth ordering again just for kicks of having something you don’t usually get in other places. It also went well with my drink!


Uni – was pretty fresh, but I guess you can’t really compare it to Izakaya Kikufuji’s freshness for the price we paid.


Spicy tuna tartare – This was a mix of avocado, crisp milky pillows, cucumber, spicy tuna, sesame oil, Thai basil and grapefruit. It was nice and refreshing, and went well with my drink.


The Ultimate – I liked the way that this came first before everything else. It’s a big reminder that I’m actually in a bar. I loved the nice , milky flavor with the pineapple…and boy does it have a kick! It went well with almost everything we ate!

I would like to come back to Buddha Bar for more drinks next time. It’s a great experience to actually be there to hang out, talk and drink in the darkness while you admire the great interiors and music.