Had a shoot recently for Kenny’s new pasta dishes and pasta…rather, lasagna for me, would be one of the more temperamental kinds of pasta that I’ve encountered since I started. But as in all our Kenny shoots, we use exactly what they have in the store, in the size that they have them..


My day started with all the spaghetti shots since they were the easiest…less nerve wracking…and it ended with the lasagna and then the styled omnibus. We did dropouts too so they can use it in their menu.


StylingΒ  for the omnibus shot was basically a rustic but Italian look, with some plates that are a little more eye catching that what we used to have before. I think it worked anyway since the color of the pasta highlights both the plate and the toppings and makes it pop out of the frame.


It was a grueling shoot, especially the omnibus part…imagine trying to keep 3 things looking like they just came out of the oven…even the temperamental lasagna!