Kabayan Lugawan: Better the 2nd time around!


After a night of drinking, I joined the chefs and some of our students to a short side trip to Kabayan again. This time things were very different.


First of all, the lady who was serving was the owner, not the young girl who served us the last time. Secondly, they had isaw or intestine…thirdly, there is such a thing as half order, which only costs Php 30 with lots and lots of intestine.

The soup this time wasn’t thick, which made everything so much lighter and it was more flavorful for some reason. I didn’t even put condiments in mine.]


The intestines were nice, clean and not funky…I liked the fact that after my half order I didn’t feel like vomiting after the meal and I actually finished my bowl.

Still, I got some odd palpitations the next day but so what. I enjoyed it the 2nd time around…most likely everything is better when you come in late.


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  1. haven’t tried isaw lugaw yet! but good thing you enjoyed it the second time around 🙂

  2. For cheap and tasty rice porridge, try Lugawan sa Pasong Tamo 🙂

  3. looks delish.. esp. on a rainy day!

  4. hahahah its perfect for rainy days!

  5. @january! I’ve tried that before and it comes with an egg! I should go back there

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