Getting My Props Organized (sort of)


I was at a shoot once where I had to bring out almost everything I had in stock at Cafe Ysabel (I keep some at home and I keep some of it there for some impromptu shooting) and I realized…man, I really have to get everything organized and cataloged so that I can show my clients what I have during preproduction, especially when they want to see the containers (so that i don’t have to bring it).


So, I started with some of my stuff at home. Slowly but surely, I’ve been taking pictures of my placemats, glasses and other food containers.


But the hardest part about it is trying to keep taking pictures.


After I took the pictures I posted here, I bought another round of great looking plates that are all lined up to have their photos taken…groan.


But having these pictures made me appreciate and remember my stuff more. I can actually say that I probably have over 300 pieces…and it keeps growing every month. I hope this doesn’t classify me as a hoarder but a collector of pretty things.


My next project is trying to improve my dish area in the basement.


I was finally able to get a shelf that could fit some of my stuff so I can keep them in the basement. While the others become decors in my room and others still are kept in plastic boxes in our restaurant…all tucked away in the stockroom.


The ones you see here are photos of them all together, but I have versions of them alone with a ruler in front so the client can check the perspective and everything. It’s actually a tedious system of having to take pictures of them all together and one by one but it’s worth it. At least I never have to look back in my mind and try to explain to people what the plates look like.


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  1. Wish I can take some classes from you! And you have some beautiful collection of props! Merry Christmas to you, Giannina. πŸ™‚

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