I’ve been feeling so guilty lately with the way I haven’t been able to strike a balance between my blogging and fixing my pet deli. I’m starting to feel so sucked in that sometimes, I feel like I want to find ways to practice my craft even just for a few moments.


I had very challenging projects this year, but I haven’t been this busy in a very long time. I even spent my birthday in front of the comp, fixing my recipes and finalizing my ingredient request aside from trying to fix the Whole Pet Kitchen website at the same time. It has consumed me so much that I’m starting to wonder when it’s actually going to get a little lighter.

Usually, by this time, food stylists already take some form of a break, especially for those who are active in the advertising world. This is the time when everyone concentrates on launches, promos…Christmas…and boy, that alone can keep you heaps busy. I haven’t even started wrapping my gifts yet. I was in Sydney this time last year, and man did I do a lot of vacationing then (maybe that’s why it’s taking it’s toll on me this year).

For someone who was born into the business of selling food, I’m actually getting pretty run down with trying to establish a food selling business of my own. But then again everything has birthing pains, I guess it just so happened that mine came right when everyone is busy with the holidays. Great timing, kid.