Mr. Moo Carabao Milk


I am a pretty big milk fan. Every time I leave the country, I try to taste the local milk…in full fat. I’ve always been so intrigued why our full fat milk here in the Philippines, tastes like the low fat or skim milks of other countries.


This is why I really look forward to visits to Tagaytay so I can get a bottle of some full fat carabao’s milk. I think this is as Filipino as you can get. They say that to make cream, farmers would leave tubs of milk out overnight so the fat can seperate from the milk, this is what happens when you keep Mr. Moo for a day or two in your fridge…you actually see a thin layer of fat at the top and when you pour the milk into a glass, you will find some nice little white chunks of cream. Though the milk does have a stronger taste than cow’s milk (a bit gamey) this is one of the closest to great quality milk I’ve tasted here in the Philippines. I should really try their cow’s milk next time.



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  1. Where in Tagaytay is the milk place to be?

  2. It’s just right before you reach Tagaytay near the market. πŸ™‚

  3. not a milk drinker ut this looks yummy. will recommend this to my sister πŸ™‚

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