Paradis Natural Ice Cream

Paradis natural icecream is more like a gelateria and a one stop shop for a frozen and creamy fix. We only tried some of their signature ice creams since we came from a burger joint. But there were a lot of other interesting frozen creamies that we didn’t get to taste because of the space left in our stomachs. So despite the interesting olive oil frozen yogurt and soybets…we went for what was displayed. Here is what I tasted:

Agasajo – this is basically a Mexican expired hot chocolate turned into ice cream. What makes this so special is that it is literally a hot ice cream…meaning spicy because of the chili. Though there was a strong chili flavor and kick, I did not taste the saffron that much (maybe because saffron really is expensive as well). But the ice cream had enough fat that melts in your mouth and gives your tongue a smooth velvety feel like a fatty gelato (YUMMY!). Mig didn’t like this one so we didn’t get a scoop, but if I had enough space, I would’ve!

Malunggay – ahhh finally, the Philippines in an ice cream! Malunggay for me is sooo Filipino. The fact that it grows in our backyard and is not being recognized in the world as the new cure-all is just ironic to me. But I had to have a taste. It tastes quite unexpected but you know that it’s a vegetable. Paradis has managed to make this leafy veggie a treat that older kids may appreciate. It had a verby herbal smell and finish, but it works! Mouthfeel is not as rich and fatty as the chocolate ice creams but it was still in the gelato feel category (or whatever you call that!).

Chocolate and Tomato – this one I just had to try…and at the same time, Mig liked this the best so we had a scoop. It had the same fatty and velvetty mouthfeel of the agasajo and I think they used really good quality chocolate to make it too. Though I only had very tiny hints of the tomato because of the candied tomatoes that were mixed into the ice cream…but the chocolate was heavenly. It reminded me of the way I used to stuff my fingers into the chocolate melters when we used to make Belgian chocolates in class…mmmm

I could really tell the huge difference between supermarket ice cream and the ones that are expensively artisan made (thanks to growing up in my dad’s old ice cream shop and our ice cream machine here at the school!)…quality always goes over quantity for me when it comes to this dessert. Glad that someone finally decided to put up a real artisan ice creamery for a change!


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  1. I just have to visit this place before the year ends!

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