Last Sunday, Mig and I were looking for a dinner place near Tomas Morato and we came across this curious little place called Army Navy Burgers + Burritos. This place was full of customers on a Sunday night, we had to wait for a few tables to leave to get our tables. It had nice posters of their food hanging up as well as a cute overall bunker theme.

They say your customer number when your food is ready on the mic so you can pick up your order in the window. Kitchen is small and efficient, everything is lined up like a factory. Plates are made out of these aluminum pie tins which make it look like those old mess halls you see in the movies. Food is quick enough despite the line.

Here’s what we ate:

Burger + Cheese (P145+30)
The burger was pretty and speckled with black sesame seeds. At first bite, burger patty is tender with a slight crusting outside but has the undeniable flavor…smoked flavor, not sure if it’s BBQ sauce or if it really came from some wood chips. The bun has sogged a bit from the heat and is soft and very moist. When I put the ketchup and mustard in it, everything came together. It was a pretty decent burger, I can’t say that it’s my favorite one in the Metro but it was quite tasty.

Freedom fries (P65)
This was awesome. The fries were thin enough to fry them to a crisp without burning. The coating resembles the coating of the thick KFC fries except this was entirely crisp! Salted perfectly and great with good old ketchup.

Libertea (P55 for regular size)
Ice tea tastes like it was brewed from tea bags but actually has the look of powdered when served (super frothy). It wasn’t too sweet which makes it refreshing and a little more adult than something that a kid would drink. I liked the light bitterness from the tea.

At the rate Army Navy is going, it seems like one of the more casual and popular places in Quezon City and I am really not surprised why. The value-for-money and honest food makes it so, hopefully next time I will be able to drop by for their other sandwiches and burritos.

Army Navy Burgers + Burritos
305 Tomas Morato Ave.,
Quezon City