After quite a tiring and super traffic drive to Lucban, we decided to stop over at the town proper. We parked in Lucban’s beautiful church and headed on by foot to Eker & Ely’s, a longganisa place suggested to us by the man working in the church. When we entered, the cashier was busy taking longganisa orders from the people inside. Their shop is a “pasalubong” shop aside from all that longganisa hanging in the ceiling…they have all sorts of food from Coco Jam to Macaroons to vinegar…but everyone never leaves this place without a brown bag full of longganisang Lucban (did you know that they banned plastic bags in Lucban?! It’s fantastic how everyone is totally following this rule!).

The smell of longganisa is mouth watering, and when I peeked through the door, I saw some busy packing the hanged longganisas as the cashier comes in and out to distribute the orders. Mig bought so much pasalubongs, we had to buy a big bayong to carry it all.

We then headed on by foot to Buddy’s..I thought, “Why here! They have one in Makati”. But this is the real Buddy’s…the original, so Mig convinced me enough to eat in the original. I remember it more or less to be the same. The pancit Lucban is still delicious, it supposedly has a bit of vinegar in it and you can add a bit more to your liking. It was full and we were just lucky to find a table at 11:30am…suddenly, a horde of people rushed in by the time we got our order.

The pizza was small but it was crunchy at the bottom and super cheesy at the top! I love cheese and I really enjoyed it, it reminded me of the way I felt about pizza when I was young…the more cheese, the better! This place is really festive, and a nice place to have a meal when in Lucban.