Ahh bliss! My first ordered batch of fake ice cubes from the US have landed. I got the typical sinking acrylic ones and of course the more special, floating rubber ones!

I panicked with the amount of fake ice I have in my kit so I went along and ordered more to accommodate more fakes in one shot. My second batch should come in the next month, hopefully I’ll get to fill a pitcher full!

The floating ones are pretty pricey and I got them exclusively from a store in New York that makes them. It’s really rubbery and fragile and some of the parts have already cracked off. They cost me an arm and a leg (a whopping $10 EACH) aside from the shipping so hopefully, I will have some very happy beverage clients in a couple of months…hopefully I can use it a couple of times before throwing it away because it looks a little disposable, but it is quite beautiful!