What kind of foodie adventure would this vacation be without a visit to a really big public market…or this time, a really big Fish Port! I don’t mind the funny smell on my shoes and the noise…I do love seeing this different animals from the sea readily being sold so that people can turn them into great dishes!

This is another reason why we went to Lucena. I wanted to see Dalahican Port. Although it was already in the afternoon, I just had to visit it since we weren’t going to have the time the next morning.

Needless to say, I wasn’t as impressed. Although I know that we got there pretty late in the afternoon…I knew that this place could be the fish heaven I’ve always dreamed of early in the morning.

They still sold many creatures big and small…mostly big. We were hoping to do an impromptu grill fest by the bay but the weather wasn’t cooperating and it began to rain. So when the rain hit and I already got to explore everything, we just headed to SM Lucena to get some groceries. Lesson to be learned…it pays to be early…and it pays to have a portable grill in your car with instant charcoal.