Since we were curious about that little island right in front of our cliff-side room, we decided to ask the front desk at Silangang Nayon of how people get from beach to beach here. Apparently, you can rent a boat. There is a boat for 2 and a boat for 8-12. The boat for 2 cost us P850 for the whole day but I didn’t think we would last the whole day considering the distance and the fact that the boat didn’t have a roof.

Silangang Nayon provides its guests with a wonderful packed lunch service as well as some of the things that you will need for your trip like fishing rods and bait. But one thing about our bait for that day was that sea fish do not like pork….we should’ve brought some shrimp with us.

So off we went to the next island to find a fishing spot, but to no avail because of our pork bait…we decided to just have the island to ourselves. This place is called Bilaran Sand Bar. It’s attached to a slightly bigger island and has a small mangrove area in the side. The waters are very calm in the morning and the place felt like a large lake rather than part of the sea.

This sand bar was naturally created via the Milenyo typhoon. This sand bar didn’t exist before that. When you look at it, the sand bar stretches for so long but it’s surrounding waters is already dark green to dark blue. This means that this narrow sandbar has deep waters near it.

In the mangrove area, you can take shade in one of the trees and have a picnic. Mig and I ordered Chicken BBQ and Mango Salad for our lunch. Silangang Nayon packed everything from plates to utensils and ice…it was very convenient and we hardly had to worry about the food or drinks being in horrible shape.

The chicken was really delicious. I think they probably brined the chicken for several days. It was super juicy but cooked perfectly. It wasn’t grilled to a crisp and the meat was very tender. The barbeque sauce was very homey and quite sweet.. The mango salad made our meal refreshing.

The mangrove area has crystal clear waters and lots of fishes that are very curious. They swim around your feet. I even got to catch a little fish with my hands.

Despite that a lot of tourists frequent this place…but not today, we shared the sand bar with another family and their dog. I was a little paranoid with walking all the way to the other side of the sand bar since no one was going there. We left the sand bar around 12:30, right when the tide began to change and the waves started crashing on us.