What I love about my vacation in Sydney was that I was able to do some fantastic things with the stuff at the apartment. I love cooking, but I hardly get to properly write about it or document it especially when I’m back home because I’m usually too excited and too hungry to take the pictures. Basically, home cooking for me is just letting your imagination and creativity come out. I loved cooking in Ana’s apartment since I had someone who can actually give me their feedback on whatever I whipped up.

One of the first things I made at the apartment was a fennel salad. Now, I actually have never used fennel in the Philippines because we hardly get any of them. Since I wanted to try my hand on the local produce, I was more than happy to just experiment in my new playground (Ana’s kitchen). And so here goes:

I cut up some fennel, added some kalamata olives, a few bits of onions and some peaches. Then I used some of the leftover raspberries from breakfast and I mashed them with some honey and red wine vinegar. I drizzled some really good olive oil onto the salad and then mixed a bit of the raspberry vinaigrette I made. I cracked over a bit of sea salt and pepper and voila! Instant diet dinner.. hehe! I’d say it was a pretty good first attempt at this wonderful licorice like produce. It was pretty light because Ana and I were anticipating the days ahead.