Mongers Gourmet Fish n’ Chips in Bondi Beach

Ana took me to see Bondi beach on the afternoon of my birthday. Bondi beach is one of the beaches very near the city and it is the beach where young people usually hang out. When we drove by the shore area, so many people were baking under the sun and the waves looked pretty big and violent. Bondi is also a place to surf. We were going to have lunch in this multi-awarded place called Mongers.

Octopus marinated in lemongrass and soy sauce salad – the dressing was sour salty and sweet with a strong taste of coriander. The octopus was tender and there was a bed of lettuce, tomato, sprouts, cucumber that created a variety of different flavors that showcased the octopus. I enjoyed this one because of the wonderful flavors in it as well as the tenderness of the octopus.

Jew fish and Chips with Kumara CrispsΒ  – this turned out to be a grilled fish was pretty normal. Jewfish is a slightly oily fish, it had a very odd soil like after taste. It was very smokey because of the fact that it was grilled and its flesh was flakey and firm. The Aioli dip made it taste less like diet food. Must’ve been a huge misunderstanding with the ordering I guess, we should’ve specified that the fish should be battered and fried and not grilled. However, I did like the Kumara crisps. Kumara is a kind of sweet potato. When turned into crisps, the sweetness is concentrated and the flesh becomes creamy as well.

Even if the Jew fish I got was a little disappointing, it was a pretty good place to eat and hang out.


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  1. Mmmmm I miss Kumara chips….

  2. @Ans… mmm I miss fish and chips with chicken salt!!!

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