It’s year 6 of our yearly Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons. This is something you should definitely trash your diet for and never miss if you’re in Bangkok on a Sunday. The courtyard, is still beautiful, we still haven’t managed to get a table there, but anyway, atleast we’re close to the cold seafood. Hehe and right in front of all the cheese & cured meats!

At year 6 , I know pretty much where and what to get and focus on, but there’s always something different about each brunch I guess. So here’s the blow-by-blow…rather, plate-by-plate account of this fabulous buffet:

Round 1: Caviar

The shiny orange eggs are from salmon, the bright green are wasabi flavored caviar, that pink oblong is fish roe (maybe tuna i can’t remember), some blini, sour cream, thai lime and half a slipper lobster.

Round 2: Cold Seafood.

There were these delightful large mussels, crab, slipper lobster, scallops, prawns..along with the equally life-giving sauces: cocktail, thai nam prik, mignonette, wasabi mayo. Everything was so nice and fresh, I felt like I was actually out of the city.

The cold seafood section always has a yearly surprise, and this year, there were these giant bamboo clams or “navajas” (in Spain). I only encountered them this large here in Thailand and in Spain by the coast. It was sweet and chewy.

Round 3: Salmon, Salad & Cured Meats

The selection of different salads in the Salad area is great, but I wanted to keep it simple so I just got the rocket salad and the homemade smoked salmon. I also got a bit of the Buffalo Mozzarella and tomato salad, as well as some spanish ham on the cured meats side. Well, I think that all the cured meats are most likely imported. The homemade smoked salmon was nice and tasty, and of course, the quality of the greens was impeccable.

Round 4: Salmon, Asparagus & Bearnaise.

Usually the salmon comes with these giant white asparagus ready for blanching. It’s not the salmon, it’s not the asparagus..IT’S THE HOLLANDAISE! You will definitely marvel at this hollandaise because you will instantly know that it’s the butter that makes all the difference. For someone who has done this in class, in 3 different kinds of butter, this one takes the cake. It’s made with french butter…not very many people know the extent of the difference UNTIL they have tasted this version. The butter gives a slight aged taste, almost cheese-like but not quite…so rich, with the eggyolks and the butter. Yum!

Round 5: Grill

The grill has a very wide variety…there’s fish, seafood, pork, beef…prime rib…lamb…well, I just went for the lamb, since the prime rib, i could get in the school atleast once a month. Grilled to perfection, they always have a lovely array of sidings to choose from. After you’ve order, picked the food & doneness, picked the sidings…you leave a table number and wait. I decided to just have a small piece of lamb and 2 prawns…with grilled vegetables. Perfectly grilled, perfectly salted…what else could I expect? I was at the Four Seasons! And oh, I washed this down with a Cabernet Sauv from the bar.

Round 6: My fabulous starch.

On our 6th year, you sort of get creative with the items…you can mix and match. In this case, I went over to the pasta station with my favorite foie gras station dishes and had them cook it with cream, some ham and mushrooms. And voila, Pasta with Foie gras 3-ways, Mushroom, brie in cream. It was probably the most fattening thing I ate for the entire vacation…but it was worth it!

Final Round: Crepes Suzette.

I needed a really refreshing and small dessert. Despite the 12-foot dessert station and separate souffle and crepes station, I just went for 1 thing and that’s the freshly made crepes suzette. What could be better than this?!

Sometimes I wish they have the exact same buffet here in Manila so I wouldn’t have to wait and entire year just to have my Sunday Brunch Fix. πŸ™‚