Cory Pa Rin!

Cory is now with NinoyWhen people die, we usually do an entire lot of praying..Some people send mass cards, some simply show up to pay their respects. But having to bury all of my grandparents by the age of 23, I realized that the prayers are really for the ones left here on earth.

I think this applies to what’s happening to the Philippines now, our living symbol of democracy has passed on. But does she really need prayers for her soul? I think what we should be praying for is for all of us left here in the Philippines. Just like losing the very bond that holds us together, the passing of President Cory forces us to really think about if and how we will ever be able to find a leader like her again.

But as I saw yesterday, People Power is still alive…and I hope that we don’t bury that spirit along with her on tomorrow. My prayers are with the friends and family of President Cory…and with us Filipinos who have been orphaned.


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  1. i was touched watching clips of her funeral. i saw genuine love by the people. the filipinos deserves more leaders like her. she will be deeply missed.

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