There is a running joke in our Sunday dinner table: Whenever Dad prepares the dinner, you are absolutely on the brink of vomiting after… Which is true, because everything’s so good that you have to have a little bite off each, and even if you just have one or two spoonfuls (which is impossible), you’ll still feel so bloated and the catch is…some wonderful food stuff is still on its way to the table!

charlie and his binalot

So this was our family dinner a few weeks ago. Pardon the tardy post but I had a pretty full couple of weeks. Updates soon hehe.

My dad used to have a Filipino Restaurant at basement of Cafe Ysabel called Lasap Pagkaing Pilipino. His travels around the Philippines was what inspired this restaurant. Because most of our old chefs are still with Cafe Ysabel, they know the dishes by heart and wow, I can say that I still haven’t tasted so many interesting and tasty filipino selections under one roof. Here are the pictures…I think I’m too lazy to write about each and every dish! :p

burrong isda with mustasa

Burrong isda with Mustasa… Fermented Fish with Mustard Leaves (spicy and slightly sour from the fish’s fermentation, this is probably a close cousin of Japan’s )

spicy adobong balot

Adobong Balot. Yes, they are unhatched baby ducks, stewed in an adobo sauce, garlic and long chili’s.

davao style kinilaw

Davao style Kinilaw: Tuna from Mindanao’s waters, thinly sliced radish, ginger, onions, vinegar and coarse salt


Calamares with Pomodorro

sinigang na lechon

Sinigang na lechon…Roast pork cooked in the broth of a fruit we call Kamias. It’s pleasantly sour and has different textures along with the vegetables cooked with it. Charlie liked this a lot, I think he ate

tinapang bangus

Home Smoked Daing na Bangus…Smoked Milkfish…Yum!



Rice and Salted Egg Salad wrapped in Banana Leaves.

fish eggs

Fried Fish Roe.

crispy tadyang

Crispy shortribs.

inihaw na ulang

Charcoal grilled river prawns.

ubol ubol

Tuna throat. heheh

crispy buntot ng tuna

Crispy tuna tail.

bistek na pusit

Sizzling Squid.

fruit platter

Fruit Platter

everything from scratch halo halo

Halo-halo from scratch.